Historic Playmakers Theatre

Historic Playmakers Theatre is a National Historic Landmark and the oldest building on campus dedicated to the arts. Visitors will notice a modification to the Corinthian capitals on the building’s portico made by architect Alexander Jackson Davis, who substituted North Carolinian staple crops wheat and corn in lieu of the traditional acanthus leaves.

The theatre lay dormant for four years awaiting much needed repairs. It reopened for events beginning in November 2010 after an interior upgrade funded by the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Executive Director for the Arts.

As part of the upgrade, the interior of the building was painted, the auditorium floor refinished and new audience seats, curtains and stage lighting, and sound systems were installed. The building seats approximately 240 and is well-suited for performances and lectures.

Address: 122 E. Cameron Ave.; Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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