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Welcome to Reserve Carolina, a centralized repository of reservable spaces for the Carolina Community.
For more information about how and when to schedule space please read through the Campus Venues section below

View and request space using 25Live

UNC students, staff, and faculty can access 25Live with their Onyen. We recommend that everyone take the 25Live training to be able to request space online at your leisure. If you don't take the training, you can still see available spaces, but won't be able to reserve them on your own. You'll need to contact the owner of that space directly.

To learn more about 25Live training, click the "25Live Training and Access" heading below. To login to 25Live click the button below.
25Live LOGIN

25Live Training and Access

25Live Training*

UNC academic schedulers should contact the UNC Registrar for additional training on 25Live.

By completing the 25Live training you’ll have access to reserve available spaces on your own at any time. Follow the steps below to access and complete your training.

STEP 1: Log in to HeelLife using your ONYEN and password

STEP 2: Complete the 25Live training and quiz questions

STEP 3: Login into 25Live

25Live Training

What you will have access to after completing the 25Live training

After you’ve completed the 25Live Training, you’ll be notified by a 25Live administrator that your access has been turned on.  Then you can log in to 25Live using your Onyen and Password. When you first log in you'll have a view-only profile. It takes 1-2 business days after your initial login to create your full profile, so please allow 1-2 business days between your initial login and submitting your first reservation request.

UNC Students / Student Organizations

  • UNC students requesting space for non-student organization use will only have access to reserve specified General Purpose Classroom spaces deemed reservable by the UNC Registrar.
  • The president, treasurer, and one additional contact (officer or member) are able to request spaces and resources through 25Live on behalf of their organization. These individuals must be represented on the organization roster in HeelLife. The student organization must be in good standing with the Office of Student Life and Leadership.

UNC Staff/Faculty

  • UNC Staff and faculty are able to book space in 25Live on behalf of their department. 
  • UNC staff/faculty requesting space for non-business use will only have access to reserve specified General Purpose Classroom spaces deemed reservable by the UNC Registrar.
  • If you are a UNC Academic Scheduler, you should contact the Registrar's Office for training and access to 25Live.

Campus Venues

There are many spaces on campus that can be reserved, but right now, only some of them can be reserved using 25Live.  For the other spaces, reservation requests will need to be made directly through the department in charge of that space. 

25Live Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use 25Live? Can I just call the room owner to reserve a space?

Utilizing 25Live is an efficient way of searching campus venues for your meeting or event, especially if you don’t know who manages the space you are interested in. 25Live is set up to include a full inventory* of available spaces of all types – worship, meeting, grounds, classrooms, etc. Not only is an inventory available but the system keeps track of the availability of those spaces (as maintained by individual owners of space) therefore allowing you to find a space available with just a few clicks.

*A list of spaces reserved in 25Live is available in the Campus Venues section of ReserveCarolina. 

I logged in to 25Live, why can I not submit a reservation?

All UNC students, staff, and faculty have "view only" access to 25Live with their ONYEN. To submit reservations in the system, users must complete 25Live training. Within 2-3 business day following training you will receive access to submit reservations in 25Live. 

I submitted a request, how do I edit or cancel it?

You should contact the space manager to cancel or change your reservation.

How can my department/school utilize 25Live for our scheduling needs?

Campus units who would like to manage their spaces in 25Live can request more information by sending an email to

25Live Feedback

25Live is managed in partnership with ITS, Office of the University Registrar, and the Carolina Union. To improve your experience, we welcome your questions and feedback. For ReserveCarolina feedback, email For 25Live questions and support, email