Events Calendar

How to Use Event Calendars

How to include your event on the ReserveCarolina Calendar?

First, make sure your event is accessible to public calendars. When requesting to reserve a space in 25Live you will be asked if your event is Public or Private. Next, select “Calendar – ReserveCarolina”

If you have already submitted your event and need to make changes, contact the scheduler to update your reservation.

How to add your virtual event to ReserveCarolina Calendar?

  1. Login to 25Live
  2. Open the Event Form or “Create an Event”
  3. For Event Type select “Calendar Announcement”
  4. For Location select “Virtual”
  5. Make sure to provide a link to your event webpage, registration or webinar link
  6. For Categories select “Public” and “Calendar – ReserveCarolina”
  7. Save your event

How to get an event calendar for my building?

25Live Schedulers can request a published calendar to share on their website. Contact

How to remove my event from the EVENT calendar?

The event requester should contact the venue scheduler to request that an event be removed from their calendar, or email for assistance.

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