Campus Road Races

Campus Road Race Guide


Race organizers are expected to follow these guidelines when hosting a road race on UNC Chapel Hill Campus:

  • Race times must start between 7 am and 7:30 am.
  • Races must end by 11 am.
  • UNC Police presence is required at road races.
  • Unauthorized races without UNC Police presence will result in loss of road race booking privileges for the subsequent two academic years.
  • A medical response unit must be notified of your 5k. 
  • Run/walk must be confined to paved surfaces (roadways/sidewalks) and avoid grass, dirt, gravel, or other landscaped areas. 
  • Runners must run on the sidewalk unless they are crossing a road in a crosswalk. Unless the police are present, runners cross the road at their own risk. 
  • Deployment of any colored cornstarch or similar colored powder product is prohibited on campus.
  • Run/Walk events involving or promoting the binge consumption of any food or beverage is prohibited on campus.
  • No dogs are permitted on the racecourse.
  • If the race will be sponsored or co-sponsored by a non-university organization, a prerace meeting with SAC staff to outline each group/organization’s responsibilities for the race. Sponsoring organization(s) must follow the rules, regulations, and parameters of UNC 5K Run/ Walk Policy. 
  • Organizers must work with a timing company, no matter the style (i.e. walking vs. running) or length of the race.
  • In certain weather conditions, additional cooling and medical services may be required after consultation with Emergency Management. 
  • Cancellations should be made at least 3 weeks in advance.  
  • Groups are subject to each venue and service provider’s cancellation policy. 
  • Races are not permitted to be booked on the same day as home games for football, men’s basketball, or other large tournaments.
  • Organizations/groups may not put a hold on more than one race date per semester.
  • Race organizers are responsible for cleanup of any non-organic litter or debris generated by the run/walk including, but not limited to: cups, confetti, wrappers, and signage.

How to reserve a Road Race in 25Live

  1. Login to 25Live
  2. Complete the Event Form with these specific Road Race details:
    1. Event Type, Road Race
    2. Event Location, Campus Road Race Route
    3. Complete the Event Questionnaire for your race.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather (including, but not limited to: thunderstorms, extreme heat, extreme cold, excessive rainfall, flooding, or any other weather conditions deemed hazardous or unsafe) on race day, the decision to proceed will be made by UNC Police, in consultation with UNC Environment, Health and Safety.


Organizer Expenses

  • Race Registration - is a non-refundable service charge. Race registration will be invoiced once the race is confirmed.
    • $25 for registered student organizations
    • $75 for university departments and non-profit organizers
    • $150 for non-affiliate for-profit organizers
  • UNC Police Staffing - this will be invoiced following the race by UNC Police.
  • Timing Company
  • Equipment and other miscellaneous rentals (optional)
  • Public Address System (PA) rental (optional)

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